Full Flower Supermoon And Meteor Shower Kick Off Start Of May

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full flower supermoon

Two significant events are happening in the early days of May, the meteor shower, and the bright supermoon.
Maybe these two celestial events are not the best combination, but they are both fascinating to watch. The Moon will be bright even before it is not complete, which represents an obstacle to the meteor shower, which requires a completely dark sky. The peak of the meteor showers happens at the same time as the full Moon.

According to the astrologists, the meteor shower will reach its peak on May 5, and the Moon will be complete on May 7. As these data say, we are already stuck at home, and we can stare at the Moon and catch some meteors, and after them observe the super full Moon.

Besides, it is an enjoyable hobby; observing the sky is quite fascinating and often fulfilling. These two occasions are the greatest and the most exciting during May, so you should give your best and don’t miss them. The shower of meteors is called Eta Aquarid, and we should expect around twenty meteors per hour. The most exciting part about this event is that these meteors are formed from the debris that Halley’s comet has left, so it supposed to be an inspiring experience.

On the other hand, we have the full flower supermoon, and it will be a treat that is worth observing. The name of the supermoon has come from the fact that it is a moon in May. According to the people in the past, it was happening at the same time when the flowers were blooming. This year, the full Moon in May is more special because it is a supermoon.

Another thing which makes this event even more special is the fact that it is the last supermoon this year. Furthermore, the sparkle that it will gain from the meteor shower makes it worth watching. The Moon will be bright even before it is full, which, as we already said, is an obstacle for the meteor shower, but we can catch a couple of shooting stars here and there, making the whole event even more spectacular.

Once you see these two celestial events, you will realize what a mystery is a space, and how much you love it.
For both events, we won’t need anything else except our eyes and a clear point from where we can see the sky. So, if where you live there aren’t many buildings, then you have the perfect spot. If your home is located in an area with too many people, you can go in the backyard if you have one, lay down, and observe the sky. In it, you will see things that you have never seen before.

Currently, we are all in our homes because the situation is like it is, and we advise you to try a completely new hobby, which we bet you will like it. If you want to know more about the night sky in May, and everything that is happening there, you can take a look at the video which is attached below.

According to the astrologists, this month, we will have numerous celestial events worth watching. Now since May has arrived, we are all impatient to see all the spectacles that May will give us.

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