Australian Teens Drove Around Fire-Ravaged Australia Saving As Many Koalas As They Can

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On Reddit appeared video in which two cousins collect koalas in their car, from the areas that are hit by the wildfires.

As the fire is devastating everything in its path, wiping out half a billion animals; there are still some positive stories, and the following is one of them.

The short video was filmed on Kangaroo Island, which is known as the Australian Galapagos because of its rich biodiversity. The video clip shows koalas rescued in a car.

The two boys will look after the koalas until they return in the wilderness, and they refused to send them off the island because they don’t want to hurt the local population that is already cut.

It was impossible saving all the animals there; that’s why they chose those who most needed their help.

They left behind the animals that seemed OK, those who didn’t have burns, were active and mature. So they saved the vulnerable koalas first.

While the teenagers were rescuing the stricken creatures, they saw the horrific damage of the bushfires. Sixty percent of the koalas they saw had burned to death, and this small one fifth they succeeded to save died immediately because of their injuries.

Besides the horrific situation, some people still do their best to make a difference for the better.


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