A Huge Floating Device Succeeds In Removing Plastic For The First Time

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The Dutch scientists have designed one giant floating device to clean the Ocean. The tool is for the non-profit Ocean Cleanup, and it was very successful, CNN reported.  All the plastic that was in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now cleaned, and it was announced on Wednesday.
To create a cleaning device for such a big surface is a big deal. The Ocean struggles with this problem for more than seven years. The device looks like an enormous hand, as the Business Insider claims.

The creators said that it could capture and hold debris from large cartons crates and some abandoned fishing gear to microplastic, which is tiny as one millimeter. Boyan Slat said that he is very proud to announce that they are catching plastic. He is the Ocean Cleanup founder and also a CEO. As the witnesses say, the device has the power to catch small microplastic not only from the surface but also from the bottom of the Ocean. The reason for this deep cleaning is that some plastic and other garbage can sink to the bottom, so that must be removed too.

The founder of the Ocean Cleanup, Boyan Slat, shared a photo on his Twitter account, how the device collects garbage, with a forsaken wheel.
So that when it moves, it will trap the faster moving objects that are in the Ocean.

The form is in the shape of U, and it drops a net, all the way to the bottom of the Ocean. Fish are safe because they can swim beneath it.
Boyan Slat firstly represented the concept of an enormous barrier, close to the Ocean, and said that when he was 18 years old. Last year, the design had a flaw; it couldn’t keep the garbage as a recycle bean. Well, third luck, this time, the trash is not floating over the device, but it collects all of it and profoundly cleans the Ocean. The device is slowed down with a parachute anchor. The reason for this addition is that this is the solution for faster-moving plastic to get into the barrier. When the creators saw how it works, they fixed the cork line. Now, only the smallest plastic can pass through the barrier.

Slat claimed that he and his team are determined to solve the problem with the garbage in the Ocean, and they aren’t quitting. They still have much work to do, but they must start from something. Furthermore, they are dedicated to the job, and quickly the results will pop up to the surface. The Pacific Garbage Patch is double the size of Texas, represents a swath of plastic garbage collected by the ocean currents. The Ocean Cleanup wants to clean the plastic kept in the Ocean, and the goal is a complete cleaning of the Ocean. It is the first cleaning, and there will be second cleaning, and the plastic is going to the land, and it will be recycled.

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