20,000 Satellites Set To Launch For Beaming 5G Radiation At Us from Space

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5G radiation

The attention of the public regarding 5G was focused on telecom companies’ plans about installing millions of small cell towers on electric utility poles, which will be installed on schools and public buildings, bus stops, public parks, or anywhere they would like in some national parks or land owned by the government.

There is going to be a cell tower almost every 500 feet along each street, in the local and urban communities. Although the small cell towers probably seem bad, as there is constant radio frequency or RF exposure closely to the source, maybe another more worrying prospect is going to be the millimeter length microwaves’ beaming at earth, from about thousands of new satellites for communication.

5G is going to utilize phased array antennas in order to shoot the radiation beams of cell phones.

The satellites we mentioned above are going to utilize the identical phased array antennas type, as they are going to be utilized by these new and ground-based systems of 5G.

The stationary equipment like Wi-Fi hubs in offices and homes is going to be allowed to utilize the microwave beams which are about 15 or more times stronger than 5G phones’ signals or also 150 or more times stronger than the phones with 4G.

However, why is the 5G more dangerous from the previous microwave systems for communication? Well, the researcher, author, and also advocate for limiting RF exposure, named Arthur Firstenberg, explained the 5G radiation analysis which has been published in 2002. Arthur stated:

When an ordinary electromagnetic field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow.

But when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body [5G], something else happens: the moving charges themselves become little antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body.”

The telecom companies create a disaster around the world in the name of technological progress.

In fact, 5G has been promoted to be the following great world wonder, with some plans of advancing technology and create smart towns where everyone and everything is connected in reality with no lost signals or lags.

Surely, there are going to be several costs. Every one of us is going to be irritated by this non-ionizing and millimeter-size radiation for 24 hours every day, with entirely unknown effects on our health.

Some studies which were designed to research the harm coming from 5G are going to be finished a lot of years after these systems will be entirely implemented in space or on the ground.

That’s why it is not probable that the telecom companies are going to dismantle the systems they created, even when it will be shown that the technology they created causes cancer or some other diseases. Simply said, they will only deny every risk.

They are going to tell people that science was settled many decades ago, or they will make us believe that evidence which links these systems to cancer or another disease is only conspiracy theories which just several people believe.

A lot of people will probably suffer from being exposed to radiation with certain symptoms like weakness, headaches, brain fog, not being able to reason and learn, pain in the chest, and a lot of other symptoms which are going to baffle even the physicians that are most convenient.


Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by IBMN)/By Anton Balazh

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