How Easily to Help Hydrate Our Pollinators and Overcome Their Declining?

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It is not a secret that recently, bees started declining at an alarmingly fast rate, putting some global food security at risk. These pollinators are essential for biodiversity ...
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Thousands of Wild Bison Appear At Standing Rock Out Of Nowhere! Is It a Sign From Mother Nature?

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For those that may not know, the largest Native American protest in the history happened about one year ago. Over 500 Native American tribes from all over North, ...
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Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation Once and For All by Demonstrating its Neurotoxicity

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The practice water fluoridation in the United States has been under growing scrutiny for years by a public that has become conscious of the fact adding toxic chemicals ...
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“The World Needs To Know, Alkaline Water Kills Cancer”. Here’s How To Prepare It

Alkaline Water
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The pH (potential hydrogen) scale runs from 0-14, with 7 being the neutral zone. A substance with a pH < 7 is acidic, while those > 7 are ...
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