Turmeric, the Underrated Elixir Can Completely Change Your Life: 7 Amazing Ways To Use It

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Feel free to call it the golden spice. Turmeric deserves this name not only because of its yellow color but also because of its amazing health benefits that ...
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5 Food-Medicines That Could Quite Possibly Save Your Life

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Written By: Sayer Ji “Though Mother Nature’s formulas are proprietary, she does not grant patents” ~ Sayer Ji Some of the most powerful medicines on the planet are ...
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This Turmeric Elixir Recipe Will Clean All the Parasites from Your Body

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People are using Turmeric as a medicine for more than 4,000 years. There is a range of turmeric benefits, including its ability to slow and prevent blood clotting, ...
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1 Glass of Turmeric Juice Equals to 1 Hour of Exercise That Can Improve Your Heart’s Health

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Turmeric, which is a common kitchen ingredient, it not just a typical spice. In the kitchen, we typically use turmeric spice as a component of curry dishes. It ...
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