The Voice of Your Ego, Spirit Guides and Intuition — this is how each of them is communicating with you.

voices in our heads
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Every one of us has voices in our heads. But whose voice is it? How can we tell the difference? There are thousands of thoughts which enter in ...
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Studies Reveal How Soil Can Help Depression

reduce stress
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Spending time gardening releases particular chemicals in the brain. It’s a commonly known fact that the act of gardening can reduce stress and improve moods, but recent scientific ...
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Wine and Zen: Is This a Simple Solution for a Healthy Heart?

Zen Healthy Heart
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The number one killer in the USA is the heart disease. However, it is largely preventable disease and small changes in our lifestyles can make big differences in ...
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How Easy is to Trick the Brain to Change Your Eating Habits

Eating habits
My Brain
Obesity and overweight are not that much a state of the body as they are state of the brain. A study conducted last year discovered that the brain ...
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