The Science Of How Our Thoughts, Emotions, Perceptions and Moods Affect The Immune System

immune system
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Psycho-Neuro-Immunology In the word mentioned above, psycho refers to the thoughts and emotions, neuro refers to the brain and nervous system, and immunology refers to the study of ...
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The “Fountain of Youth” Exercise You Should Be Doing Every Morning

“Fountain of Youth” Exercise
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The Five Tibetan Rites, which is also called the “Fountain of Youth” is the practice that effectively stretches and strengthens all the major body muscles. It may even ...
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12 Plants For Your Bedroom — Sleep Better, Lower Stress and Purify the Air

Sleep well
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A lot of people that spent many sleepless nights already know what are the effects those nights have on their mood, productivity, health, and energy. Such sleepless nights ...
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Simple Way to Handle Stress and Anxiety as It’s Happening, And Science Proves It

Handle Stress and Anxiety
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Life is complicated. Even when we know we shouldn’t over-react to stressful situations, freak-outs happen. It takes practice and perseverance to train ourselves to stay calm when everything ...
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Self-Taught Designer Built an Apartment Under a Bridge in Spain, And Nobody Noticed

Apartment Under a Bridge in Spain
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Sometimes, the abundance of rules and regulations in society causes one to feel as if they are suffocating. It is because of this that humans need to embrace ...
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