Prepare for the Harvest Full Moon Tonight — It Brings Magic and More than Enough Energies

harvest full moon tonight
My Mindfulness
It is time for the temper testing Full Moon in the fire sign of Aries. The universe scheduled it on 24th of September. It is going to help ...
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Five Planets In Our Solar System Are Going Retrograde Right Now — How They’ll Affect You In 2018

My Tips
Currently, there are five planets in our solar system in retrograde, if you count Mars in its pre-shadow. That is a lot of retrogrades. First of all, you ...
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Major Energies Are Hitting Us Right Now — Are You Feeling It Too?

major energies
My World
We are currently moving through a highly active energy cycle that began last week and will continue until early September. During highly active energy cycles, there’s often a ...
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