Fight Cancer

Fight Cancer

Mindboggling: UK Doctors Destroy Breast Cancer Tumors in Just 11 Days — WITHOUT Chemotherapy

breast cancer
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A team of doctors from Manchester University, Edinburgh University, and The Institute of Cancer Research in London has developed a new two-pronged treatment for a particularly aggressive form ...
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Experienced Butcher Admits: “When We See Cancer In The Pork, We Just Cut It And Still Sell It To Customers”

cancerous pork
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Meat eaters might want to reconsider their diet choices. A butcher has shocked the world by saying that when coming across cancer in pork, he and many other butchers ...
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The Cancer-Fighting Tea The FDA Doesn’t Want You To Drink

The Cancer-Fighting Tea
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The western world spends trillions of dollars each year on conventional cancer treatments with limited results. However, natural and inexpensive herbs and botanicals, such as Essiac tea, have ...
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