Depressive disorder

Depressive disorder

Verbal Abuse Can Damage Our Brain And Cause Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders
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Life has certainly proven to you that the traditional quote “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is totally untrue since words ...
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Researchers Discovered That Antidepressants Could Increase the Risk of Early Death By 33%

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Depression is an awful ailment to experience and any person, who has, knows one thing; you are desperate for relief. Unfortunately, big pharma takes advantage of that to ...
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Snorting Just a Single Line of Cocaine Can Alter Your Brain Permanently

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Despite the fact that it is highly illegal all around the world, cocaine, also known as the “party drug” millions of people across the globe are taking on ...
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How Do You Heal the Body and Mind from Severe Trauma?

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Jen from Canada asked earlier this week: Do you have any guidance on how to heal the body and mind from severe trauma? She goes on to explain: ...
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Free Yourself from Depression Forever By Applying These 10 Basic Principles

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Depression is a horrible condition to live with. As some of my readers may know, enduring its presence in my life when I was younger, made me seriously ...
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