The 14-Day Anxiety Challenge

anxiety challenge
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Tension can affect every one of us. For a lot of people, it can last just a few minutes when they have their desires and sentiments high, while ...
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10 Reasons Why You Should Have Himalayan Salt Lamps In Your Home

Himalayan Salt Lamps
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Himalayan salt lamps are of extreme importance to certain people for specific reasons. These lamps can brighten your living space while making it look prettier and gives you ...
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Major Energy Shift With The Full Moon Tonight — Prepare For New Beginnings!

full moon
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The Moon is Full in Gemini on November 23, 2018, at 12:40 AM EST. The Full Moon occurs as the Sun in early Sagittarius forms an opposition to ...
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Simple Way to Handle Stress and Anxiety as It’s Happening, And Science Proves It

Handle Stress and Anxiety
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Life is complicated. Even when we know we shouldn’t over-react to stressful situations, freak-outs happen. It takes practice and perseverance to train ourselves to stay calm when everything ...
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8 Bizarre Uses for Cannabis That Can Revamp Your Health

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Even though marijuana is legal in many states in the world, in the U.S it is still considered a highly addictive drug. But, that was not always the ...
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