What Would the Planet Earth Look Like Without the Human Species

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Human Species

During these fascinating years, human beings have utilized and destroyed parts of our planet for their benefits. We have invented different types of things to improve our quality of life, but we have only recently started worrying about what our actions mean for our home – the Earth. How would the abandoned earth look like?

What if we, as human beings, become wiped out or maybe we drained the resources which we use to survive and just upped and left? What would our planet look like without the human species?

Well, the scientist thinks that one of the first things which will occur after our disappearance would be very destructive. Humankind has built 437 nuclear power plants worldwide, and if we left, the generations which circulate cold water all over the reactors are going to lose power. This will lead to overheating and core meltdown, causing hundreds of dangerous areas.

Some more hard-wearing structures would probably survive over many years, and perhaps some of the ancient structures would outlast the modern buildings, and they will seem like they were the last civilization which existed on the planet.

However, even after thousands and thousands of human free years, you are always going to have the ability to find many objects which you left behind in your legacies, from airplane frames to plastic shopping bags and even some buildings.

The new “human.”

Perhaps, after millions of years, even some new species of animal is going to become dominant and evolved into a Homo sapiens like creature. Scientists believe that almost any vertebrate land animal could probably develop intelligence, provided that it finds the right environmental challenges which favor strategic thinking.

Admittedly, this is not going to occur overnight, but it is still a possibility which with the needed amount of time could make an animal to evolve a complex brain like ours. This is going to make millions of years without the presence of human beings to occur, but if we can still find some traces of the dinosaurs from 65 million years ago, apparently parts of the human species and race still wait to be discovered.

We think that we would never really know what would happen for sure unless we left and monitored the planet Earth. However, when we are looking around in our everyday life, and we see how we have changed and shaped the earth, we would not have to wonder if Mother Nature could ever wipe the evidence of humankind away completely.


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