Welcome to March — the month of Magic and The Astrological New Year with two Full Moons!

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Astrological New Year

March is always a pivotal month because it brings about the start of the astrological new year. The astrological year is signified by the movement of the Sun through the 12 zodiac signs.

From Pisces back to Aries

Back in February, the Sun reached the last zodiac sign of Pisces. It will continue entering the first zodiac sign of Aries on March 20th-21st. This signifies the beginning of a new 12-month cycle.

Leading up to this time, it is pretty likely that we are all going to feel guided to begin wrapping up loose ends from the year that is gone by and reflecting on how far we have traveled.

Being the last zodiac sign, the energy of Pisces is all about inner reflection, as well as delving deep into the soul to uncover hidden truths and buried treasures.

The energy of Pisces will also help us to see how we have grown, and how we have shifted into the higher levels of understanding and consciousness.

The Energy of Numbers

In numerology, March also falls under the vibration of the number 3, which is also the number of communication, as well as truth and total alignment with the mind, body, and spirit. Under this energy, there is also going to be the need for us to get real with ourselves, as well as to face up to any truths that we have been avoiding.

Communication is also the key here, and being honest and open with others, as well as with yourself is going to be particularly important during March.

If something has been troubling you, or if you have been feeling uncertain about something, the energy of March is going to help you tune into your intuition and work out the truth of how you are feeling.

Journaling, talking things through with a friend, and trusting and listening to your inner voice will be your guiding compass under this energy. It will also help you to make sense of any troubles and make right decisions.

Lunar Energy – Yet another Blue Moon

March is also the month that will start and end with two Full Moons, which will continue this strong, as well as feminine, lunar energy that has been unfolding since January 2018.

The first Full Moon in March will fall in the earth sign of Virgo on 1st-2nd of March. Its energy is all about nourishing our heart and soul and tuning into the wellbeing of our body.

This is the perfect Full Moon to schedule a checkup, or for doing something positive, as well as rewarding for your health. It will also be the perfect time to think about clearing out your closets and doing away with the old one.

Under the influence of the first Full Moon, we will also feel renewed and refreshed, and it may even spark some new insights or ideas which can take with us into the New Year.

The Blue Moon

The second Full Moon in March is also known as the Blue Moon, and it falls in the sign of Libra on 31st of March. This Full Moon may feel more intense, and it may also bring up some problems which need to be cleared and resolved.

The Blue Moon will be focusing our attention towards our partnerships and relationships in life, and there may also be some new development or insights in these areas.

In many different ways, both of the Full Moons will be working in tandem to help us process the past and reset for the future that comes.

The energy is also going to be amplified by the Pisces New Moon which will fall on 17th of March. The two New Moons are going to be one of the most magical New Moons of the year for manifesting and it is going to guide every one of us to tune in and sync up with the flow of the Universe.

Retrograding Planets

Somewhere at the end of the month, the planets Jupiter and Mercury are both going to be in retrograde. Collectively, this energy is going to cause the end of March to feel a little slow, as well as sluggish. It’s a good feeling, as it will bring us some breathing space to process the Libra Blue Moon.

March will begin with a high paced energy, but after the dawning of the New Year, things are going to slow down, and we will be getting some time to assume our bearings, as well as acclimate to the energy of the new cycle that follows.

2018 is a magical year because it falls under the master number 11. There are a lot of changes and awakenings ahead. With the astrological New Year happening too, the month of March is going to be one of the most pivotal months of this year.

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