We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident

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In this beautiful world, there is a reason that every single person comes into your life. Whether it be a blessing or a lesson everyone comes into your life for a reason, and there is always a bigger purpose. Sometimes we meet people, and the chemistry is so strong that both lives are transformed, or people can come into your life and shake everything up.

Every encounter, although you may perceive it as good or bad, is here to serve you for your greatest good.

These different types of relationships are what make life interesting, challenging and life-changing. Sometimes you can meet people and feel like you have known them all your life or you experience the magic of synchronicity. Synchronicity is originally a concept by Carl Jung to explain meaningful coincidences and is the belief that the universe sends us signs and people to help us towards our life purpose. These signs are meeting the same people or seeing the same numbers again and again.

No one is sent to by accident to anyone.

Understanding these deeper meanings can help be used as tools to help you move forward and learn more about yourself on your journey.

For a Season

Some people come into your life for a season; it could be a soul mate/twin flame relationship that comes into your life to wake you up. They can create a roadblock, or stop us in our tracks. Usually, the energetic connection is so strong that you can feel it.  This type of connection usually comes to serve as a way to grow and learn and may disrupt everything in your life to make you realize a passion we were unaware of and lead you onto the correct path. This soul mate is only seasonal and leaves once their gift is passed on. They may keep returning every time you need to learn to grow.

For a Life Time

The lifetime relationship is so special; it flows, it is at peace and can bring joy. It is calm, and there is no sense of crazy energetic energies and rushes. These relationships bring the best to you, and you both serve each other on your life purpose and grow together. It lasts a lifetime and is so rare and precious. It can be in the form of a lover or a friend or even a family.

When experiencing these different types of connections, the best way to attract the people you want into your life is to relax and fill your heart with love. Never force relationships, let them flow naturally. Nothing that is meant for you will ever pass you. Forgive and send love to everyone you encounter as they are also going through their own life experience and be thankful for everything, they taught you. Nothing happens by accident, each situation, person, and experience lead you to exactly where you need to be.


This article (We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident) was published by Educate Inspire Change, and it is re-posted here with permission.

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