Portland Has Changed The Game Of Generating Electricity With Revolutionary Water Pipes

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The newest technique of generating electricity from the water pipes is environmental-friendly, and it has started in Portland, Oregon. They wanted to have a clean and renewable source of energy. The city of Portland has become a partner with Lucid Energy. With their partnership, the two members wanted to make clean electricity from the water, which is under the city streets.

To ultimately deliver the generator, in Portland, all the existing water supply networks have been replaced with patented pipes by the Lucid Energy company.

The pipes have four pars of 42 inches turbines, and they represent an integral part of the magical process. While the water moves through the pipes, the turbines spin, and with this process, they are producing power. It is linked to the generators, and in the end, the energy grid is provided.

Another of the many advantages is that it is cost and energy-efficient. So all the pipes which are fixed underground don’t have to pump the water. Furthermore, it can take control of the quality of drinkable water, what can you say about that?

Lucid energy declared that the partnership with Portland City is in its final stages, so they only wait for the final testing, which will be, as they say, fascinating. This system is believed to generate renewable energy that is worth $2,000,000 for around 20 years.

According to the experts, the installations will consume 1,100-megawatt-hours, and can give power to 150 homes.

Firstly, as it is announced, the money from this project will be divided among the people who invested, and some sum of the money will be used to compensate for the cost of construction and its maintenance.

When the contract of 20 years passes, Portland will have the power to own the whole project, to use all the energy produced, and to use the profit which it will generate. It is expected the project to start before the end of this year, and is known under the name ‘Conduit 3 Hydroelectric Project’. It is a unique project, and besides the fact that it is environmentally friendly, it is also cost-efficient.

We all expect an auspicious beginning, and we hope that many cities will invest in this project so that it will spread all around the world.

Below, we present you the video shared by the Lucid Energy in which everything is explained in detail.

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