Watch The Rare Phenomenon: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, And Moon Line Up On Three Nights In April

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Rare Phenomenon

As a consequence of the lockdown, there’s a drastic reduction in pollution levels worldwide. Because of it, we can breathe fresh air, and also, after many ages, the stars blinking can be seen during the nights.

There is no better time to stargaze, given the number of constellations we can quickly notice in the sky, without the help of telescope or binoculars. We hope that you didn’t miss the biggest and the brightest Moon of 2020, which happened a couple of days ago.

If you missed the most exciting event, don’t despair and set your alarm for the upcoming one.

We think that no one would like to miss the line-up of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the Moon, and they will hold together for three days. Expect to see them on April 14, 15, and 16.

In March, the three planets were very close to each other, but in April, Mars is making a distance from the two gaseous planets.

As we already said, on April 14,15, and 16, these three objects will be a shoulder to shoulder and highlighted by the Moon. The four celestial objects being next to each other will be easy to see and recognize so that you can enjoy the gift from Nature.

Although, if for any reason, you can’t see and find these four objects, you still can see Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter close. The only thing you should do is to use stargazing apps to discover the location in the sky during the night. After these three days, the planets split, and they won’t be next to each other until the middle of 2022, says NASA.

Besides, the planet Venus, during these times, shines brighter than any other object in the sky. So, when you see the most shining star, you should know that it is Venus.

Stay safe, and take advantage of the beauties Nature offers us during these hard times.

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