Uranus Shifts in the Sign of Taurus today — Prepare for Growth!

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Prepare for Growth

The planet of great awakenings and change, Uranus, is preparing to move out of the sign of Aries and into the sign of Taurus on 15 May 2018, where it is going to stay until 2026. A good shift to prepare for growth!

Slow-moving planets

Every time a slow-moving planet like Uranus moves signs, it creates a ripple effect, which is felt throughout the whole cosmos, and it brings new energy for all of us to explore.

While this shift of energy is happening, it is likely that we all are going to experience an awakening of some kind. We may also receive some new insights, or exciting new opportunities may come on our way.

In order to understand how this transit will affect us personally, we should think about what was happening for us around May 2010 and then again around March 2011. It was during this period that the planet Uranus entered in the sign of Aries, and now as it is preparing to leave this sign, we are likely to feel a sense of completion to whatever was happening.

Leadership and bold choices

While in the sign of Aries, the planet would have been challenging us to step into a leadership position. We may also have made some bold choices around this period, or there may have been some significant life changes which shifted the path that we were traveling on.

Being in the sign of Aries, the planet Uranus was all about making some changes so that we could step into our power and into the seat of the driver of our life.

Maybe we should reflect on this and see where we have stepped up in our life and where we have found some more courage.

Also, we should celebrate ourselves for how far we have come, and celebrate the changes which have happened in our life so far. Perceive them with a positive mindset. Try to understand just how they have shaped the person that we are today.

New Lessons

As this planet will move into the sign of Taurus, we will all learn some new lessons. This time it is all about our feelings of security and stability. While the planet Uranus is all about changes, growth, and awakening, the sign of Taurus is all about consistency, security, and stability. Uranus longs for change, while Taurus longs for some things to stay the same all the time.

The two energies are not exactly the perfect match. There will be a push-pull feeling, and we may find it difficult to make or accept several changes.

How we seek stability and comfort will also be up for review under this energy. We may also find that what we once thought was secure and stable is no longer like that.

In fact, under this energy, we may have to rework and reassess what actually makes us feel secure and stable. We may also have to let go, as well as release attachments to some things, which once brought us comfort.

Take more risk

Many people have been adapted to receive their security and feelings of stability from some material goods like having a house, a job, money, etc. While such things do provide us with some kind of security, maybe we are being called to discover a little deeper, as well as learn to cultivate such feelings from within, no matter of our circumstances.

In some way, the planet Uranus in the sign of Taurus is about letting go of our security blanket and learning to step out into the world with just a little more freedom and a little more risk.

In some way, we will all be required to leap forward, as well as practice trusting ourselves just a little more.

The ground that is beneath us may be shaking or unstable, or there may also not be the security, which we felt once, but this is how we actually grow and learn, and this is how we discover whom we really are.


On a general level, the planet Uranus in Taurus will be challenging all of us to pay some more attention to how we are treating our Mother Earth. We will also be encouraged to really think about environmental problems, as well as global warming and how we can protect our planet.

In addition, some astrologists have predicted that the world is facing an increased risk of earthquakes, natural disasters. This might happen while Uranus settles into its new home of the sign of Taurus.

Being in Taurus, the planet Uranus will also create some waves for the tech industry, medical research, as well as cryptocurrencies, robotics, fashion and in all of the things relating to beauty and wellness. All of these fields are likely to experience some kind of revolution or have breakthroughs under this energy.

The planet Uranus completes its journey in the sign of Taurus in April 2026.  At this time, it is likely that we are going to be able to look back and reflect on the changes which we have made in our life to cultivate more security and comfort from within.


Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed)/By Vadim Sadovski


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