Total Lunar Eclipse With The Full Moon Tonight — Prepare For New Beginnings!

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Total Lunar Eclipse

On the 21st of January, a Total Lunar Eclipse will occur. It will take place at the time of a Full Wolf Super Moon. This Eclipse will be visible on the night sky from South and North America, Europe, and Western Africa. Those that love such events have the unique chance to observe it, but of course, if the weather permits it.

Total Lunar Eclipse

At the time of this eclipse, our Moon will look like it is cast in subtle and silvery darkness. It is the shadow of the planet Earth falling upon it.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and our Moon are in line in this same order. Because the moon is passing behind the planet Earth and is entering into its shadow, the alignment that comes as a result of that is the one who causes the shadow to cover the Moon. This makes it look several shades darker. As it will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, wait for a great show.

A lot of people will feel this profound change. They will quit caring about other people’s opinions about them and their decisions. They are going to let go, just believing it the path they choose to go on. For example, in our past, we were probably held back, and unconscious by all those judgments and opinions from other people. Some things will no longer go to have preventative or negative impacts on us. Also, with this shift of energies arises the change in thinking. So we are going to decide about everything alone and for ourselves.

The Consciousness

There will be people who are going to be more conscious and confident in the choices they make. No matter if it comes to a huge decision in life or inconsequential love, those people are going to listen to their intuition and stick to everything they decide. This is as a result of their self-awareness or better balance. They are also going to enter an enlightened and happier life phase.

Most of us are going to see that some things will finally come to their end or completion. Lunar eclipses are always making this very general and broad effect, so the sense of achievement and finality can be present in every area of life. For example, it can manifest itself as some relationship which you finally moved on from, or we may finish some projects on which we worked for years.

No matter of the phase in which the endings happen, they are going to mark themselves, so saying goodbye will always feel good so that we can move forward to better and bigger things.

These are only several of the potent effects which the Full Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is going to have on every person. Lunar events always mark the start of a lot of transformations which every one of us is going to experience during the year, and this is just the beginning of them.


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