Tonight’s Supermoon Opens A Powerful Energy Portal — Get Ready For Infinite Possibilities!

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march supermoon 2020

The time has come for us to eliminate the guilt and concerns that we are bearing with us too long. We need to realize which are our weaknesses and to forgive ourselves. To do all the previously mentioned things, we will be helped by the upcoming full moon, and the force of Jupiter, both aligned.

As a confusion, Neptune will be here, but ignore it and believe in Jupiter because it will reveal all the secrets and deception with which Neptune thinks can getaway. Besides the fact that we will eliminate all the fears, also we can forgive the people who have betrayed, victimized, and deceived us.

You need to give your best and make an effort. So, in the upcoming weeks, you need to make a real effort so that you can grow spiritually, ethically, and morally. In the first place, you need to forget about self-pity. It would help if you were careful of your health because these days, the dangerous virus is taking its heat. The virus that has taken over the whole world is the coronavirus, and Neptune rules over the illness.

But you don’t have to panic, and people need to stay calm. Your responsibility is to keep your immune system running very well, and feed your mind.

We advise you to make your vegetable garden.

That is the best way to be sure about your products and that all you consume is healthy and 100% organic. Nothing can be an excuse. People can live on Mars and still have a vegetable garden. Furthermore, the super full moon that eliminates the fears and reveals the truth appears in the best moment for the people like Julian Assange’s, founder of WikiLeaks. Assange signifies fearless truth seeker. This person has won a nomination for the Nobel Prize 2020, in the sphere of extensive work in exposing political truth to the world. The alignment of full moon and Denebola represents the cause for significant catastrophes, assassinations, massacres, royal events, or some election or death of heads of state.
According to the experts, every full moon is intimately linked to the previous new moon. With this declaration, we want to tell you that the new moon, which appeared on February 23th, still influences us. It means that the moon helps us with the latest opportunities, development of natural talents, and reaching our full potential and capacity.

Experiencing something new during this period is the best thing that we can have. You have all the time needed to start something new until March 9th, and it is the best time for love relationships. All in all, now that you know all the influence of this full moon, you can make some plans for the following weekend. Fixed stars are in alignment with the last winter full moon in March 2020, and it will give you honesty, courage, prosperity, self-control, and generosity. Also, we will be enriched with mental force and spiritual one.

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