Tonight’s New Super Moon Is All About Clarity — Prepare For Intense Energy Shift!

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New Super Moon

Friday, August 30, 2019 presents the New Moon in Virgo occurring at 6 degrees of Virgo. It conjunct Venus, Mars, and Mercury.

What makes this August’s New Moon extremely Virgo is the five personal planets we have in Virgo, including the Sun and the Moon. That makes it quite exceptional.

The meaning behind New Moons is the new beginnings, whereas Virgo stands for harvest. This Virgo New Moon creates a fascinating Grand Earth Trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.

In the zodiac, the fixed sign Leo is followed by the mutable sign Virgo. So, even though Leo is all about creativity and intensity, it has fixed energy. Virgo, on the other hand, takes Leo’s creations and brings them to perfection. In other words, it gives Leo’s creations sense, which is why they have to pass the so-called Virgo’s ‘common sense’ test.

Somehow, Virgo ‘knows’ what makes sense and what doesn’t, and that’s a unique gift. Common sense is Virgo’s specialty – the ability to make good judgements, quickly make sense of the world, and behave in a sensible and practical way.

Virgo’s energy is extremely analytical, grounded, and ‘aware.’ What’s more, the many other planets in Virgo and the New Moon itself will help you see all aspects of a situation. Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, conjunct the New Moon, making it the ideal time for starting or speeding up creative or laborious projects.

You’re Already Complete

The literal translation of Virgo is ‘virgin.’ However, during the Roman period it used to describe someone who is self-sufficient – a person who doesn’t need someone or something to be complete.

So, the Virgo New Moon reminds us that we are already complete as we can find all resources within ourselves.

Libra is the next sign that symbolizes relationships, and it has a rather different opinion. However, the fact that Virgo precedes Libra is not a coincidence. In order to be ready for a relationship, one has to feel complete and whole in themselves.

The transitional sign Virgo marks the end of the Summer and the beginning of the Fall – a period when we contemplate the annual cycle of darkness and light on the Earth.

The Virgo New Moon is ideal time to get focused on the important things in life that we have been ignoring or taking for granted.

Those of you who are still looking for confirmation or don’t know what action to take, it’s time to tune in and listen. You’ll be surprised by how much you already know. The Virgo New Moon offers you a chance to tune into your body’s intelligence and bring out your creative side.


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