Tonight’s New Moon Can Make Your Wishes Come True — Get Ready For New Beginnings!

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New Moon In Pisces

You can expect the new moon on February 23, 2020, and it will be in the sign of Pisces. Astronomers consider the sign of Pisces as the most enigmatic zodiac, especially when Neptune rules it. Maybe Scorpio is the enigmatic sign, but in comparison to the Pisces, with Scorpio, you know where you are. If you didn’t know, the universe is full of dark matter and dark energy. Precisely these energies are present up to 95% in the world. Furthermore, scientists claim that people use their brains, but not to its full potential. Without any scientific consensus on this, the brain capacity in a conscious state is not used to its full potential, only up to 5%.

The remaining 95% of our brain is declared to be a mystery.

Moreover, the remained, unused part of the brain is the Pisces territory, and according to this, they, the Pisces, and the 12th house, reign over the ‘invisible world.’ As a consequence of this, the ‘invisible world’ refers to all the things we cannot process. The mystery part includes the terms of dreams, the collective unconscious, magic, divinity, communication, and all the things for which we cannot find logical explanations.

Tonight’s New Moon Can Make Your Wishes Come True — Get Ready For New Beginnings!

My friend and I, in our pre-teens, used to take piano lessons. The practice should be in between lessons, but instead of practicing, we’d pray to God. The prayers were for the smooth flow of the class. Today, maybe this sounds funny, but sometimes the trick worked, and everything was fine. We can call that placebo or brain chemistry, but somehow, thanks to our intuition, we knew how to use the Pisces energy, or, also known as the uncharted territory where the magic exists. The reason why I share this experience from my life is that you can also try to tap into the Pisces or 12th house’s energy. If you are curious to try this, you can do it on February 23, 2020, and please share it with us if that succeeds.
On 23th, the Moon in Pisces is at four degrees, and also it is aligned with Mercury retrograde, sextile Uranus in Taurus and sextile Mars in Capricorn.

As a piece of additional information, Mars is the embodiment of action. During this period, you will be pushed to make decisions that are not logical, but you will feel some freedom. Furthermore, Uranus represents the higher octave of Mercury. According to this, Mercury is known as the lower mind, how we make sense of the world, and Uranus represents the wisdom, our consciousness. Bear in mind that maybe the New Moon in Pisces is aligned with mercury retrograde, but it isn’t the most exciting transit. In this period, people would like to start some new projects, as a result of the phrase ‘New moon –new beginnings,’ but Mercury in retrograde isn’t in its best moments so that confusion will be your best friend.

Magic is all around us, we need to open our eyes wider, and we will see everything.

Don’t judge the book by its cover, and you need to take your time and do some researches before you make some serious decision. We recommend you to start with meditation, look carefully because some signs may show on your path. During your meditation, you can ask for a piece of advice from your guides. New Moon in Pisces will give you new opportunities and chances, but you don’t have to grab them immediately without any consideration. Be careful and search for new paths, places, and prospects. All in all, the Sabian symbol of the New Moon in the sign of Pisces is ‘A church bazaar.’ It signifies that the presence of God, faith, and redemption are everywhere, and the New Moon in Pisces is the best reminder of it.

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