Tonight’s New Moon Is All About Rebirth — the ‘New World’ Begins

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The astronomers and all lovers of the astronomy, on March 24, 2020, wait for the New Moon in Aries. To be precise, on the same date at 06:28 p.m. ADT the new moon will share its energies into the healing of wounds, as the deadly virus COVID-19 hit us, so our wounds will be exposed.

Exposing our feelings is notorious for opening up and being subject to the process of facing our fears. We need to be opened to heal and to be ultimately loved.

The chances and opportunities on our way should eliminate the possible fears. People need to rely on their hearts because it is a unique way to live, thrive, and survive. They can think that going through is challenging, and for some of them, it will be the final dissolving of a world that survived led by a weak heart.

The alignment of Chiron and Lilith to the New Moon will create the change in our hearts, and vulnerability will be the most significant union, by unifying the masculine and feminine.

Chiron represents the masculine aspect and Lilith the feminine. Together, these two represent the Divine couple, just like Jesus and Magdalene, and Merlin and Morgan Le Fay. They are the best representatives, the embodiment of pure love, revealing all the chrysalis of the New Earth.

On a New Moon in Aries, we can also send the wishes out to our Universe.

Although this is said to be the New Moon’s gift, it will be the time to approach the energy in a different way. The problem with dreaming and manifesting about the future may be that we are caught up in our ego quite often.

On the physical journey, the physical ego will be as significant as the soul, but it will be the time to balance every scale. Another piece should be added to the equation, so we can learn how we can surrender. In fact, surrendering is all about trusting that our soul had laid out the pat for us before we came in this particular life.

Under the New Moon’s darkness, we will be asked to leave our ego aside and surrender. We will be guided to also align with our Divine and even to believe that everything that has to be is going to come on our way.

We should experiment with the New Moon as we will let our goals, dreams, and wishes go and simply surrender to everything that it is.

We should place our hands on our hearts, asking our Universe to guide us. We should ask it to show us the way. We should also surrender our plans, visions, and desires, and then ask for guidance.

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