Tonight’s New Moon Is All About Power — Prepare For New Beginnings!

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Until now, we were moving through energy portal, which was triggered by the March Super Moon, and we are going to continue moving in it until the 19th of April when there will be a Full Moon.

The New Moon, happening on April the 5th, will be this journey’s midpoint, and it will be the time when we will decide if we are prepared for new things.

Maybe we feel this in our lives in a certain way. Maybe we feel the need to clear our limited beliefs or remove every block which leaves us stuck. During the night when this New Moon in the sign of Aries is going to happen, we will be also be given a chance to embrace new ways of being, or keep ourselves moving through the energy portal, in order to grow, renew, and evolve.

Under the New Moon in the sign of Aries, which is usually the best one for manifesting, we should see whether we can resist our urges of making goals and wishes which are fuelled by our ego. We should ask ourselves if what we want is a soul or heart calling, or simply an illusion which our ego constructed.

Here, there isn’t any judgment, sometimes the wants of our ego have to be fulfilled for several reasons, and when we feel it be true, we will know that we may still follow these goals, and not feel guilty about that.

We can do everything that we have to do.

However, looking within and suspecting our goals, we should give ourselves permission to let those goals go, or rework them too. Maybe they have to open, in order to be more fluid; maybe they are those things which were blocking our success, together with our progress.

In fact, under the darkness of this New Moon, we should retreat within, in order to see how we are guided. We should see how we are encouraged to surrender and plant seeds in order to align with our highest truths and paths.

We should ask our Universe to be our guide towards the perfect path meant for us.

We should trust that our soul knows where it should go and already prepared a plan for us.

We did not come here with our hands being empty. Our guidebook is with us, and our soul, which is the essence placed inside of us, knows the details and words. While our conscious mind cannot remember such details, it is not important, because as much as we believe, we are going to be guided.


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