Tonight’s ‘Strawberry’ Full Moon Happens To Be A Lunar Eclipse — Prepare For Good Fortune!

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On Friday, June 5th, we will have another great Full Moon that will not disappoint us, as it is also going to bring some considerable energetic shifts together with it.

While we start picking the fruits of the labor which we already did, putting them aside to ripen as well, we have to prepare ourselves for transformations, as we match ourselves quite closer to our higher selves.

Are we really prepared for the lunar cycle that comes?

Regardless of the fact that this Full Moon will not be red and pink in color, many people believe that it will bring brightness in their spirits, and they even named it the Strawberry Moon, especially as it occurs at the same period when farmers harvest their crops and fruits, the ones planted during the spring season.

Moreover, despite that it is going to be a fantastic time, from a spiritual perspective, it is going to more significant than fantastic. This Full Moon will happen in Sagittarius, and will also make us experience some feelings of adventure and fearlessness greater than usual.

We are supposed to take everything that we were working for, but then continue working towards the full harvest. Furthermore, this lunar cycle is going to be an excellent period for picking our intentions. In fact, what are we supposed to do during the coming months, and which are the projects that we have to release?

We should consider clearing our being and our homes of all the negativity and the clutter. We have to work much better towards creating the game plans that we will carry together with us during the upcoming months.

How can we improve our next harvest? What are we supposed to do to connect with our higher selves? The Strawberry Moon is going to make us ask our own intuition for some help to ensure that the fruits are ready for picking when the end of the harvest moon comes.

Moreover, doing what we are supposed to do is going to make nothing to be there on our ways of transforming ourselves truly, or also aligning with the higher selves.

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