Tonight’s Full Moon Is All About Strength And Power — Prepare For New Opportunities!

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Strength And Power

The Full Moon, in the sign of Leo, will show you the right path that was meant for you, and that will happen joyfully. Full Moon in the sign of Leo will appear on February 9, when the Sun in Aquarius will be in contrary to the Moon in Leo. The position is an annual reminder to listen to our hearts. You can use this for your love purposes, or your friends. Besides the previously mentioned things that will lighten their way, the universe will also help us to realize that our heart is significant, and we need to keep it healthy. We can save our hearts if we follow the right path for us.

This time, the full Moon is in Leo sign at twenty degrees. The connection between the Sun and the planets is that it is facing the Moon.
The Moon in its sign, Leo, shows us that we need to live our lives and to enjoy them to the fullest. Because the full Moon is happening during the weekend, then it is an excellent time for partying, meeting new friends, or if you don’t want to party, then you can relax and dedicate the time only for yourself. It is an exertional event because the planet Venus is in the sign of Aries, right next to Chiron with is in Aries too.
The coincidence of two space objects in the same sign represents a volatile combination that will move everything and reveal the scars which are caused by previous events. Moreover, it will reveal all the scars that we have from the pains that we survived by now.

Venus wants to bring pressure and happiness in our lives. But now we have a conjunction between Venus-Chiron in Aries. The combination represents that all those relationships that diminish the core of who we are, under no condition must be tolerated.
Denigration, shame, intimidation or harassment is going to be contested. We are getting back to some good old habits, where the respect for individuality and personal time is at the highest level.

What does it mean the full Moon in Leo sign?

Well, Leo will make you wake up the inner child within yourself, and create its vibratory rhythm. If you want to move on, we advise you to create a relaxed state and swim into your childhood memories. Like this, you will get back to the place and time where you were the happiest person alive. During that period, you naturally had the love for the world, and you embodied the joy of the moment.

Continue to swim in your memories, that is how you will realize why something happened, and you will see things from another perspective, from a different landscape. Only that way you will feel emotional healing. Go through your memories with the same speed, and do that until you get to the years you are now. The power of the full Moon is in the possibility of reconnecting the part of us, which is the pure expression of love and authenticity.



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