Tonight’s Full Moon Is All About Massive Changes — Prepare For Intense Energies!

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harvest full moon

Tonight’s full moon will be the last full moon before Summertime comes to an end and seasons change over. This year, the full moon in September is also known as the Harvest moon, which is expected to bring interesting energies. You’ll notice a sense of renewal in your life, and you’ll be ready to keep looking towards the future.

This Harvest Full moon.

It is all about creativity. You’ll learn a lot during this Harvest moon and even find the part that has been missing within yourself. This full moon will influence you to spend more time with the people you love.

Although pressure and tension won’t be easy to overcome, you’ll manage to make your way through it by pushing back against any opposing forces. During this full moon, expect your emotions to be in the front seat all the time. That may be the reason why you’ll try to be as balanced as you can.

When it comes to the energy you’ll be dealing with during this full moon, it’ll make your subconscious more powerful and intense. Your deeply hidden emotions will be exposed, and you’ll have more control over your reactions, emotions, and instinctive behaviors. There will be intense personal interactions that will expose your feelings about someone, as well as their feelings about you. You may develop a deeper connection in your relationship, or you’ll be free to move on.

Things are seldom what they seem… but this is especially true under a Pisces full moon. The mystical messages coming through now have a dreamy logic all their own. And we’ll need more than just logic to fully fathom the depths of these unconscious knowings.

But if we get in too deep, this full moon’s sextile with Uranus in Taurus can be a vital lifeline. Uranus has a way of snapping us back to the here and now—which, as any true mystic will tell you, is the only reality there is! Through imagination, intuition, and empathy, the Pisces moon allows us to experience it more fully.

At the same time, critical and analytical thinking skills are equally essential. With so much information flooding in through both our physical and subtle senses, there’s a lot to process. Fortunately, the Virgo sun’s trine with Uranus helps us make sense of it all. With discernment, we can sort out which information is truly useful and which only serves to confuse us more.

At this Pisces full moon, the trick is staying fully present, both in our bodies and with what’s happening around us. With Uranus retrograde, we’re internalizing more of his electrifying energy. But having some simple mind-body-spirit practices in our repertoire makes it easier to ground and center ourselves.

This whole September is a very important month, and the Harvest moon will probably change how things progress for many of us. We’ll start feeling more intense energies as we get closer to it, feeling how they exert pressure on our life.

Embrace these energies and go with the flow.


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