Tonight’s Full Thunder Moon Eclipse Brings The Biggest Energy Shift Of 2020

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After the intense weather conditions that we have been facing recently, a Thunder Moon lunar eclipse will fulfill us with pleasant energy.

July is the marker of the third and ultimate period of Eclipse of Season, as well as of the Cancer/Capricorn sequence.

Regardless of what personality type you are, social distancing has a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges include restriction in the decision where we want to go, or maybe what we are going to do, so these may be very frustrating even for the introverts.

Well, we have good news, the energy that the Thunder Moon lunar eclipse spreads will give us huge relief. Simultaneously, it will provide us with one unique opportunity: the sight of something spectacular.

The penumbra can be defined as a limited shadow of the Earth, so when the moon passes through it, it is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. When this event happens, the moon will dim in some part, causing difficulty of clear sight.

As a result of this moon’s appearance, we will notice a change in our energy, causing calmness and a sense of clarity. The calmness will be present when July arises. Besides the energy it spreads, it is highly beneficial timing for the seeds of change being rooted for the upcoming half of 2020. These seeds will result in their goods in September.

Furthermore, in September, we can expect the Mars Retrograde. The famous confrontational and sizzling time will lead us to the last months of 2020 with more Eclipses.

Amazingly, in 2020 we will see six eclipses, which is something uncommon. The usual number of eclipses per year is four, so as we have seen so far, this year is exceptional. We should beware of the value of acceptance of the thunderous times and enjoy the voyage of the turns and tumbles. Success and joy will be present in your life only if you surrender to it.

Since the beginning of the year, we all have noticed that it is an exceptional one, implementing many significant changes. July and August will provide us prospects of renewal, appropriated with astonishing Sirius Gateway to enrich us with high energy.

To realize the things that are holding us back is crucial for prosperity. Every person needs to learn how to let things go and to seek freedom. If we are doing the right thing, the beauty will knock on our door as a result of our wise movements in life.

Bear in mind that it is a precious gift by the Universe, so our journey called life will be more transparent.


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