Tonight Is The Deepest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Of 2020 — Prepare For A Powerful Energy Shift!

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deepest lunar eclipse

In 2020, a lot of exciting celestial events will happen. One of these events is the full moon eclipse, which occurs on 10th January also known as ‘Wolf Moon Eclipse’. If you are not paying attention to the energies, now you should do it.

Firstly, the name Full Wolf Moon is because it happens in January. Farmer’s Almanac claims that the name has gained according to various sources like Native American Groups. Every full Moon has its unique name. It got the name according to some things that people did, or something that has happened in the past.

The Full Moon for January was called the Full Wolf Moon because wolves were more often heard this time. People believed that the wolfs howled because of hunger. But, no one can prove it. Later, they realized that wolfs howled more often in winter because they wanted to mark their territory, to locate pack members, and also to collect their company for hunting – the Farmer’s Almanac.

In the past, the Native Americans didn’t fear from wolfs, but they respect them. It would be best if you looked on it with those eyes, from that perspective. This time, on 10th January 2020, the Full Moon won’t be just that, but it will be a lunar eclipse, too.

Everything will happen in the sign of Cancer.

Because of Cancer’s intense energy, we will experience some intense and challenging shift of energies, and we need to deal with them. You should concentrate on yourself, and you shouldn’t let the pressure unless you get the best for you. We need to stay grounded and don’t let ourselves down to the tensions, while the influences of the Full Moon are present. Also, people should take advantage of their intuition, and to let their hunch leads them.

Sun conjunct Mercury signifies that the focus on 10th January is going to be on thinking and communication, but furthermore, it will be on the trade and transport. On 10th January, the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto will be masculine and authoritarian. As a consequence of this, the emotions of the Moon will become very vulnerable.

Now, thoughts and words will become cold, calculated, and ruthless. Furthermore, the lunar eclipse will arise emotional sensitivity and nervous anxiety. On some global level, the freedom of speech and the power of media are going to be curtailed by governments and some multi-cultural organizations.

People will be exposed to lies and propaganda. Every kind of freedom will be threatened, as the leaders and states increase the grip on power.

There is no better time to make changes and major plans for a fresh start than at the beginning of a new eclipse season, and the beginning of a brand-new decade.

Good luck!


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