Today Is The Fall Equinox and Turning Point in 2019 bringing Major Energy Shift for Everyone

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The turning point for this year, the Fall Equinox is happening on the 23rd of September. It is a time of balance, with equal hours of day and night, as well as light and dark.

The Sun is entering in the sign of Libra. This shift offers an opportunity to connect with other people and spark our light before the journey into the darkness of winter.

It is an excellent time to set some positive intentions for the new season through conscious connection, as well as inner reflection. You should open yourself up to some new possibilities and creations.

The journey of the Sun into the sign of Libra signals a time to connect and share your story with others. The energy of the Libra is asking you to love your story for all the joy and pain that it may hold. Achieve balance as both light and dark can exist together.

Balance in Scorpio

This balance is going to prepare you for the journey through the sign of Scorpio. It’s starting on the 24th of October. Scorpio holds the energy of rebirth and transformation. When the Sun passes through the sign of Scorpion, you are going to feel that the time for changes has come. Your inner power is also going to call for change, and you are going to release what no longer serves your personal growth. With your eyes open and guck cleared, the transformation can start.

The Sun in Sagittarius

On the 22nd of November, the Sun will enter in the sign of Sagittarius. This is going to be the time for expansion. Your transformation from an inward journey to fully realize an external experience is a theme for this final phase of the fall season. You are prepared to enter the darkness of winter on the 21st of December, with your eyes and heart wide open.

You should focus on where imbalance feels the strongest in your life and go there. Also, use the harmonic quality of the Libra Equinox in order to find peace, as well as joy in the shared experience as you connect with other people on a similar journey. We are all prepared to release the hot and sticky summer and step into the cool new fall season.


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