This Living Pod Can Replace Your Apartment And Takes Only A Day To Install

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One UK-based former Rolls-Royce engineer believes that he has found the solution to one of the most significant problems of the United Kingdom: the dire state of housing availability in the Queen’s country.

By the term ‘housing crises’ we do not mean just homelessness. There are some other issues facing other population demographics too.

People that have less income cannot afford houses, and those that have a bit more, cannot afford payments every month. Also, young people, who form a unique group – we say unique as young adults that are just out of university do not have the necessary resources to start the life which they are expected to lead.

Particularly for this group of people, Jag Virdie designed the Conker.

What is more, it entirely customizable and it takes just one day to install it. Virdie says:

Our mission is to change the way in which building are designed nowadays, by disrupting the norm, challenging construction practices as their core.

Like most of the other things, the design was a result of necessity as Virdie had to design a spherical treehouse for his children.

With the use of his extensive car-designing expertise, he created the Conker, which is a one-stop solution for the housing crisis of modern generations.

Moreover, the pocket pinch is a one-time $24000 which is extremely low, considering the rent which a middle-class family has to pay just a simple and very modest housing.

The procedure of buying it is a three-step process. Quite a hassle-free at all. All you need to do is to register, check the location, and then customize your Conker to make it your own.

It looks like an elegant endgame for sure for the modern world, given the alarming rate of inflation, as well as population rise.

Another interesting application may also be if governments choose to use Conkers or some similar sustainable housing products to house an ever-rising homeless population in the country.

Also, this is going to be an exciting and excellent little gift for your grown-up child that is going to graduate from university and come home at Christmas.

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