This Irish School Has Replaced Homework With Acts Of Kindness

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Acts Of Kindness

A positive attitude is something we should always have in our lives, but we should accept reality as well. Some things in our society are not in order and we should do our best to make our planet a better place for living.

The time before Christmas reminds us all to be kind, grateful, joyful, and share the love with the others. Many people are trying to find a new way each year to help and make someone happy.

Start small but think big, that’s the secret formula. We can all spread the holiday spirit, and if we make a little effort, we could make a significant change. It is the reason why the students from the Irish school “Gaelscoil Mhichil Ui Choileain” found a unique way to spread the joy.

And on Friday, during the meeting, the school organized reading about the kind deeds about their peers they had written previously in a “Kindness bucket.” The goal of this act was to boost a student’s self-esteem.

Parents accepted the initiative with pleasure, and they supported the school in conducting the project.

“We want to help our pupils to understand what Christmas is all about, and that is Goodwill. There are people around the world who are not able to enjoy Christmas because some of them are lonely, some are sad. But still, an act of kindness can bring significant benefits to everyone. Each individual can be the reason somebody smiles today, and with this attitude, we want to send a powerful message to our pupils”, said the Vice-principal Ide Ni Mhuiri.

In addition to these efforts, the school also has a project called “Class Kindness Act.” According to it, students must conduct a single beneficial deed to the community.

Throughout the entire school year, the school includes similar initiatives. For instance, each June students, instead of homework they are obliged to spend time with their families, play games, hang out together. And all these activities are recorded in a particular book as well.


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