This Company Turns Ashes Of Your Beloved Pet Into Incredible Glass Art You Can Cherish Forever

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Losing a person or an animal we loved the most will be the most difficult experiences that we are going to face in our lives. In order to keep our memories about them alive, we love to have some physical reminder in our hands, something meaningful and beautiful that will contain the essence of our departed loved one.

Davenport Memorial Glass is a company which specializes in only these kinds of beautiful physical reminders, as it creates memorial pieces which infuse a tiny amount of the ashes of our loved one with astonishing glass artworks. Some of the most famous works are pet paws, as they are really small and we will have the ability to carry a small piece of our beloved dog or cat with us wherever we go.

On the website of the company, Davenport wrote that one of their main purposes is to capture moments or create keepsakes physically, which bring back the memory of our beloved ones that passed away. Nothing is going to compare to the time a person spends with a loved one; however, they really hope to help in treasuring and remembering them and the precious time that the two had together.

Davenport even makes art of glass without adding ashes, but just for aesthetic value. Such ancient art was around for many centuries, and the company Davenport utilizes classic techniques in combination with some modern methods, in order to create masterpieces.







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