These People Prove Love and Kindness Do Exist In These Hard Times

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Love and Kindness Do Exist

Because we are all facing a terrible pandemic, the good news is hard to find. The number of affected people with coronavirus has passed one million. These numbers are changing and increasing from hour to hour. It is tough to stay positive during these hard times.

But, during the time where panic is among all of us, there is some good news shared in images that will bring back the trust and faith in humanity. There is a list of the images that went viral and shared a message with the world. There are still humans who are kind and share the love. Love and kindness exist in the world, but we need to find them, and it is present even though we are in the middle of a terrible situation.

Besides, we present you with a lot of authentic images, and they are taken in these hard times. Even though we are quarantined at our homes, the community needs help.

Marlena Hartz, the director of communications at the nonprofit organization GlobalGiving, tells that people do want to help during the crisis. She explains that in her organization, the giving is now stronger than ever, and out there, people want to help those who need it the most. GlobalGiving organization runs a Coronavirus Relief Fund, which until now has raised more than $1 million.

But also, Marlena declares that many nonprofits are trying to survive in this pandemic caused by the coronavirus. They struggle to survive with lost revenue from fundraising events, massive demand for help from the ones who need food and health care. Because of that, we need to raise our voice, and social media is the best place to do it.

Marlena is amazed by how many people want to support and help the people who need it the most. Also, she said that people are very creative. Hand-washing parody, challenges, and many other amusing things keep us positive.

4. Landlords, if you can, do more, do something.

5. Good Karma.

Furthermore, many people are creating heartwarming donations without having too much. There was a situation where one woman donated, but also explained herself that she isn’t giving because she has much, but the main reason for her donation was that she knew what it felt like to have nothing.

6. The heroes from the Front Lines – Say Thank You!

front lines heroes – A man in Morristown, NJ standing outside the emergency room with this sign. Remember to say thank you to those on the front lines!

7. Service dog comforting medical staff.

We suggest to you to support your local businesses. Maybe people can make a purchase online, which is a good move during these hard times. Also, the bars and restaurants must close down as a result of the quarantine. You can try to buy some gift cards for the people and families that need it the most.

San Antonio’s owner, Steve McHugh, said that the gift cards are interest-free loans. The money from the gift card is seed money for many eateries that will help your friends and family to get them up and running once the crisis is over.

8. Donate if you can.

In the end, the crucial things needed to pass the crisis are food and some other supplies. So, we need to share the food with the people who need it the most. We are all humans, and we are the ones that need to help each other.

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