There’s A Marathon In France Where Runners Eat Cheese And Drink Of The Region’s Finest Wines

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There are many people in this world who don’t like running at all, because it is hard, and it can be boring as well. There are many other ways to simply spend our time.

We can say that we discovered one excellent solution for all of us – the cheese and wine marathon.

From a historical perspective, marathons are among the most grueling of all the endurance events; however, the Marathon du Medoc, taking place in France, is a marathon which offers the runners the chance to consume as much wine and cheese as they want.

In fact, the route itself is taking the participants through different estates and vineyards, with two thrown in or castle for good measure.

But, there are even water stations which keep the runners hydrated. There, the participants may stop off at a certain stall as well in order to indulge themselves in tasting wine and sampling cheese sessions. In this rather unlikely and unusual event, nothing takes our fancy, we can tuck into local grapes too, together with ice creams, or even oysters.

Even though it could be different in various ways from some traditional marathons, in fact, there is just one factor we may recognize, which is fancy dress. Every year, thousands of people set off in probably their best possible costumes – they dress like wine bottles, aliens, or Vikings, the mix of various characters is eclectic, and those who are best dressed receive a prize.

The runners have 6.5 hours in order to complete their course, which, according to the organizers, is sufficient time for amateur runners too, to enjoy this beautiful scenery, and drink one or even two glasses of wine.

Although it sounds funny, we have to remember that this is just a marathon, and people have to be careful – 26.2 miles is a lot, so it would be wise for them not to drink great amounts of alcohol if they want to simply make it over the finish line.

Moreover, it is not everything about wine. As the place is in the country’s south-west part, this would be an excellent opportunity for the participants to simply enjoy the beautiful views, enjoy live music, as there are bands that are performing at the time of the race, and discover historic sites.

In the male and female categories, the winners are also awarded their own weight in Medoc wines. Also, the primary three in every group are going to receive one case of wine.


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