The Taurid Meteor Shower Will Bring Fireballs To Earth This Week!

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Taurid Meteor Shower

Have you seen some fireballs in the night sky recently? Don’t be afraid. It’s the Taurid Meteor Shower that is known for producing fireballs. This incredible phenomenon is expected to peak this month around November 5 to November 12.

According to the favorite site for skywatchers, “EarthSky,” the Taurid Meteor Shower is well known to produce bright meteors. They are caused by debris from comets racing by and the combined volume of the North and the South Taurids.

If you want to catch some enormous fireballs, you should be looking at the sky this week.

The best time to enjoy this magnificent view is after midnight on November 5 through November 12. November 6 is going to be one of the predicted peak nights. If you want to watch the burning space, go in the areas that are far away from ground-lighting.

Compared to other showers, the Taurid fireballs are more notable because they travel very slowly. They can appear in different colors, often featuring orange.

Just pick a place that is away from the city lights, and don’t worry about finding the right spot to observe the meteor shower because the fireballs will be streaking all over the night sky.

The most spectacular year for the Taurid Shower was 2015.

The following is a video of some incredible moments recorded during the meteor shower four years ago.


Featured Image: Meteor shower. Elements of this image furnished by NASA – Image

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by IBMN)/By Vadim Sadovski

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