The Irwin Family Has Saved Over 90,000 Animals Affected By The Australian Wildfires

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Irwin Family

The wildfires in Australia are swallowing everything up, threatening to devastated the treasure trove, which is the home of thousands of varieties of wildlife. According to officials, nearly 500 million mammals and almost a third of Koalas in Australia’s north coast have already met their end.

The devastating bushfires could easily change the ecological balance between plants and animals. So, many citizens come forward to help. Some of them are volunteering to douse the fire, others are donating to animal hospitals, and charities are working non stop to help mitigate any environmental problems.

The Irwin Family

One of those helpers from the Irwin family is Bindi Irwin, Steve Irvin’s daughter. Her father is known all over the world as the Crocodile Hunter. Steve also wanted humans to be part of the actions for curing the environment and bringing ecological balance between humans and animals. Unfortunately, he died while filming a documentary in 2006.

Now, Bindi Irwin is taking up her father’s role, and she has already proven herself as a wildlife enthusiast during the bushfires crisis. Currently, she is collaborating with the Australian zoo, which is quite busy right now because 90,000 patients need medical treatment. Bindi treats the animals, and she is trying to put herself into assistance as much as possible.

Ollie was patient number 90,000 at the Wildfire Hospital, as Robert Irwin (Bindi’s brother) said on Instagram.

Bindi’s mother, Terri Irwin, runs the Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Around 8000, animals were treated last month, but now because of the situation, the number of injured animals that need treatment is rising more and more.

Bindi’s actions are a great inspiration for young people in Australia and around the world. Her post is faithful as the one with the video showing how kangaroos desperately try to find an escape from the devastating fires. The Irwin family rocks!

Mitchell Lyons recorded this horrible moment. According to Ecologists, there will be a massive loss of wildlife because a large number of endemic species are at risks, such as koalas, wombats, possums, and kangaroos. The wildfires will tip the ecological balance between plants and animals forever. Fires have already swallowed 30 percent of the koala’s colony.

We hope the bushfires will stop soon, and this horror will come to its end.


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