The Homeless In Austin Are Being Paid $15 Per Hour To Clean Up The City

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Homelessness is one of the biggest problems that grow with the speed of light over the entire planet. More and more people are becoming homeless because of many reasons. Around 553.000 Americans are without а roof over their heads — the US Department of Housing published this Report in 2018.

Being homeless can bring some other problems because most places of employment require people to have a permanent address of living. In that way, not only the people are deprived of having a decent home, but they also lose the chance to earn a living.

A non-profit foundation in Austin hopes to prove that there are great opportunities out there if someone gives a chance to the homeless. The foundation OOF (The Other Ones Foundation) is working hard to help the homeless through shelter, nourishment, and support to become an engaged community. It provides employment that does not require a permanent address. If we search their website, you can notice that all the participants are included in environmental cleanup, maintaining public art, housing improvements, and sheltered animal enrichment.

OOF paid out $100.000 to individuals in just under a year, and 24 of these homeless people have since moved into stable housing.

City Council Members of Austin put their trust in the program, year making $720.000 for Family Eldercare Inc. This figure points that the amount which the city provided in September 2018, is over seven times higher. The Council Member Leslie Pool said that this program is transformational because it’s an excellent solution for the homelessness issue. The foundation’s executive director announced that work groups go out every weekday and do some work that involves cleaning up, scrubbing graffiti, etc.

“With the new funding, we hope to include more people to participate in the program because the number of the people who want to work is higher compared to what we can get on the job site,” added Baker.

“Our goal is to give Austin’s homeless to get off the street corners onto job sites and to bring them a sense of hope, self-worth, and dignity. If our homeless neighbors become service to their community, they are going to be transformed into proud and engaged members of that community. This program offers people to earn dignified income, and it’s also a great influence to make a positive impact and change the lives of the homeless.”

Mayor Steve Adler urged the other city’s organizations to follow the example and apply it and expend it to other areas.

“We have priorities to specific areas, and this is the reason why we want to have a comprehensive conversation with all city partners. We should make the best use of the resources that we have at the moment,” said Steve.


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