Watch The Sturgeon Full Moon Tonight And Expect The Unexpected

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Sturgeon Full Moon

You have probably read some articles on the internet about the Native Americans having a separate parallel zodiac system, as well as about their animal-inspired symbols. The Full Moon on August 3 and 4, 2020, is one of the holier ones if we follow the system of the Native Americans. So, according to them, this is the Sturgeon Full Moon.

If you are not familiar, the sturgeon is an ancient species of fish that is native to the great lakes. One interesting fact about it is that we get caviar from their eggs.

These fish grow to formidable sizes, and they survive, if they live under the right conditions, for more than a century. Imagine the sights that they see. Technically, there might be sturgeons alive even today, who have seen the start of the First World War.

The Barley Full Moon

The symbolism of the Full Moon that comes is simple; you have to be like the brave sturgeon, braving all the conditions and survive, no matter if it is summer, fall, or winter.

The Native Americans called the full moons of August as belonging to the grain, or barely full moons. The reason for this is because this happened when harvests were done by the squaws in the millet fields. This was also when year-long toil was awarded, or in some cases, punished with poor harvests.

The meaning is quite simple, as this is the Full Moon of revelations, of results, as well as of understanding. And harvests are not a solo effort; some things in life always require the external help of some kind.

The energies of this moon are going to be helpful for us to realize a fundamental truth, the one which says that life is a tag race. We depend on the ability and magic of other people as much as they rely on us.

The way in which the world thinks also has become more and more collective over the last couple of years, and this is thanks to nothing else but the internet.

Although it has some drawbacks, it is also an immense repository of knowledge that can only be fully realized, as well as used with people to communicate better and smoother utilizing it.

The energies of the August Full Moon would bring these things into effect for sure.


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