The Environment Is Blossoming During Lockdown

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nature is blossoming

The virus is affecting numerous people, but the quarantines and other preventions that are made to protect the people, are helping the environment too. If you thought that a short period could not make a difference to Earth, you are fooling yourself.

In big cities in the USA, the cars are parked, and they are not present on the streets to pollute the air. In Los Angeles, where the traffic is regular, and it is getting unbearable, now it is significantly barren. Residents obey the rules, and they are doing their best to stop the spreading of the coronavirus.

In March, the government said that people over 60 years should stay at home. Not long after that, Microsoft and Amazon, two largest employers, announced that their workers would stay home. The impact was immediate. Until March 8, the number of trips into Seattle was reduced by 40%. Furthermore, the traffic on Saturdays declined, and people said that they are reducing the social and recreational trips as much as possible.

The grocery stores and bulk retailers like Costco soared in the morning, had fewer people because the residents already have socked up on supplies. The salespersons said that they had seen such a panic in the first quarter of the month. But now, the fear is seemingly reduced. With this, INRIX, in their report, offered a preview of something that will arrive in hundreds of cities all over America only if the coronavirus outbreak continues. Also, other cities in America noticed pollution reduction, and it is something that we need to be happy for.

The places where air pollution is drastically reduced are Italy and China. When the world is in the middle of a terrifying pandemic, the Earth is taking a break, and it is cleaner and a better place for living. Clean Earth with clean air is something we should be happy with during this horrifying coronavirus pandemic. In Venice, the channels are completely clean, because there is no traffic, and some animals are back too. In Italy, fewer tourists mean fewer boats in the channels. The reduction of boat traffic resulted in channels with clear water. And in China, the positive effects are apparent. Forbs said that there is a reduction in ‘surface particulate matter’ for twenty to thirty percent.

To know more about how the quarantine influences the environment, you can take a look at the videos below. You can see all the beauties that are happening on Earth when we are not harming the environment.

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