The Death of Stephen Hawking Converges With Pi Day and the Birthday of Albert Einstein

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Death of Stephen Hawking

In what may be regarded as an astounding coincidence, famed theoretical physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day, the 14th of March, the day each year when scientists and mathematicians celebrate the ratio of the perimeter of one circle to its diameter.

The 14th of March also marks the birthday of Albert Einstein, who would have turned 140 this year.

Almost immediately after the news broke this Wednesday morning about the death of Stephen Hawking, people on social media were making the association with Pi Day and Einstein. Some even speculated that Dr. Hawking might have planned the coincidence.

This year is also the one that marks the 31st birthday of Pi Day, which was founded in 1988 at one celebration that was organized by physicist Larry Shaw.

Larry Shaw said that he chose the 14th of March because 3.14 are the first three digits of pi, denoted by the Greek letter “π.”

Time reported that in 2009, Congress officially recognized Pi Day, inspiring the pun “pie” celebrations, with people that were even dressing up as Einstein.

The report also said that this year, NASA held a “Pi in the Sky” challenge in order to solve interplanetary math problems, while the Exploratorium of San Francisco, where Shaw hosted the first Pi Day celebration, has an annual day of pi-inspired activities.

He was indeed an inspiration for all of, everywhere. Stephen Hawking will always be remembered as the ‘miracle’ who inspired each and every one of us.

Rest In Peace, and Thank You for serving in this life.


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