The Camper of Your Dreams Inflates in 90 Seconds

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Air Opus Tent

Are you a lover of off-grid excursions but loathe having to set up your tent? You will probably love the Air Opus Camper then. The self-inflating system pops up in just 90 seconds. And, when it is time to pack up, as well as quick-release valves, deflate the camper in 30 seconds. Within two minutes, the entire structure can be ready to go.

On-the-road living has never been so easy

As Inhabitat reports, the Air Opus Camper also relies on Air Pole Technology to make the process of setting up camp a breeze. To inflate the camper, the two lids on top of the trailer need to be folded outward. Then, a few bed supports have to be snapped into place. After doing all of this, an air pump is going to inflate the camper in approximately one-and-a-half minutes.

Inside the camper, there is plenty of sleeping and living space. Windows and skylights permit natural light to filter in, as well as giving it a more luxurious feel. The trailer is even provided with a pull out kitchen/grill for outdoor barbequing near the campfire.

Credit: Air Opus Camper

Credit: Air Opus Camper

Credit: Air Opus Camper

Credit: Air Opus Camper


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