The Beginning of the New Year Full of Powerful Energies — Major Energy Shift in the First Month of 2018!

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The New Year will start with a Full Moon on January 1st itself. This Moon will lie in the sign of Cancer. So, this Moon will force us to look carefully at our emotions, as the sign Cancer is the ruler of the feelings.

What can a better start of the New Year be than what we have had this year?

We will have the opportunity to heal our wounds which were a result of the December 2017 energy. Pay particular attention to your desire for stability. Try to find emotional comfort and support. Cancer is the core, as well as the foundation. Thus we will need to work on strengthening our inner selves.


Under the influence of Cancer, we all may be more interested. We may be more invested in knowing what will happen to us, with our families or with our land and country. It will also force us to look carefully towards our roots.

This Full Moon will make us a little extra sensitive. It will be under the effect of the planet Neptune in the sign of Pisces. It will make us more loving, as well as caring and compassionate. We will try to do good for other people and will also try to understand their emotions.

Capricorn will also push you to take responsibility for your actions.

It will make you believe that you can also achieve even greater things in your life by pushing yourself towards perfection. By holding yourself accountable and also by setting a higher bar for your self.

The month will not just end with these two auspicious moons, but it will also feature a Solar Eclipse. The first Solar Eclipse of the year that follows will take place in Leo on the 31st of January.

The Leo eclipse will arouse the creative aspect of your personality. It will also inspire you to take a somewhat unorthodox approach to the life. It will even push you to be more affectionate and will allow you to be a little extra sensitive towards the needy. Inspired by the sign of Leo, you can be more sweet, as well as caring, but also a bit dramatic at times too. This tense attitude will germinate when you fail to get the attention that you want so dearly. If you feel loved, you will have the inspiration and the capacity to share that kind of love to the rest of the universe.

You may also rethink your position in the matters of love. If you feel a strong connection, then you may grow a lot closer to the person. But if you get no signal for this type of relationship, then you may very well choose to move away from it.

So, prepare yourself for this exciting, as well as inspiring new month. Brace yourself for the emotional change that you may go through during this period.

Happy New Year!

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