The Ancient ‘Book Of Magic’ Picatrix Describes How To Obtain Energy From The Cosmos

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Through the ancient manuscript, readers could channel and attract cosmic energies so that the specific event will develop in accordance with the practitioners’ wills, zodiacal magic. This is believed to help dominate and master with accuracy – throughout universal forces – nature and everything that surrounds it.

Picatrix explained not just how to en-soul and create magical talismans and statues, but also speaks about whole cities which were constructed with the use of the principles of astrological magic.

As called nowadays, the Picatrix is 400-page ancient and magical grimoire, that is originally written in Arabic, titled Ghāyat al-Ḥakīm. According to the beliefs of some experts, the Picatrix was composed during the eleventh century, even though some also argue that it has been created somewhere in the first half of the tenth century. This work is separated into four books, each of them exhibiting the marked lack of a systematic exposition.

Somewhere in the 13th century, the king of Castile, named Alfonso X or Alfonso “The Wise” has ordered this ancient text to be transited to Spanish and Latin. The Latin transition gained significant popularity throughout Europe somewhere between the 15th and the 18th century.

This ancient and magical grimoire’s contents are amazing, and in them, we can find something about talismanic magic or even astrological reference to plants, animals, stones, metals and so on. With their help, the readers could channel and attract energies of every planet from the solar system, so that events will develop in accordance with the practitioners’ will, zodiacal magic that is believed to help in mastering and dominating with accuracy too – through Universe’s force – even nature with its surroundings.

This ancient grimoire also provides us with insights into the lunar calendars and numerology which supposedly help in planning rituals, taking into consideration the most propitious moment, so that Universe’s energy favored the results.

But, there is even more to the mysterious magical and ancient grimoire than astrology and numerology. The ancient text also includes various bizarre recipes about numerous spells which can be composed with the use of dangerous ingredients, such as psychoactive plants, opium, and hashish, used in huge quantities in order to induce the altered consciousness states and astral journeys.

If the real intention has been contacting spirits and mastering spiritual forces, then they used other different ingredients, such as blood, tears, and saliva, all of them mixed together, particularly to obtain the best possible results and also to master this world which cannot be seen every day.

Interestingly, the text explains not just how magical talismans and statues can be created and en-soul but also speaks about cities constructed with the use of astrological magic principles.

A complete english translation by John Michael Greer and Christopher Warnockof the Latin Picatrix is available 7 paperback and hardcover editions.


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