The 8/8 Lion’s Gate Is Now Open And Things Are About To Get Interesting

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Sirius – The Mysterious

Every year the stars bless us with their tremendous energy on 8th August. This is called the Lion’s Gate and infinite empowerment wait for those who step through this gate on 8/8. August 8 sees Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, rising to visibility on the horizon, moments before the sunrise.

Sirius is known for granting powers of wealth, devotion, honor, passion, and potent creative talent. Ancient Egyptians believed the rise of Sirius to be directly related to the rise of their Nile River. The river nourished their land and sustained life.

The Lion’s Gate is the entrance to accelerated ascension, causing major shifting on every level. We are the ones creating our reality, but with this Gate opening, things move faster as the energy intensifies. So, if you use this Gateway, it will magnify your efforts as well as help you with the energy to reach fruition.

How Numerology interprets the 8

Numerology says the number 8 is the embodiment of equalization and balance in all realms. Alignment and harmony are brought by the changes and shifts which the number 8 causes.

The Sun, residing in the center of the Solar System and Leo, the King of the Jungle, are both ideals of self-centeredness and self-importance. The God of Light represents our spirit-center. Leo, being the ruler of the heart, teaches us to lead, motivate, and live from our hearts. Leo gives us fortified life force to move ahead.

The courageous ones among us who can cross the entrance of the Lion’s Gate will be invited to the Divine alignment. It gives us access to our true potential which will help us shine. Those born under the Leo sign resonate more deeply with this energy than the rest, unlocking the doorway into their own mysteries.

The Connection With The Third Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the energy center of our personal powers, is associated with Leo and the Sun. The opening of the Lion’s Gate on 8/8 is our chance to amplify the powers within and use them to ascend.

If your Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced, you will have greater confidence, self-control, as well as will power. The cycle of manifestation and prosperity is directly linked to it.

This upcoming energy portal can be used by those struggling financially. During this time your thoughts are directed towards abundance and you can easily access the flow of resources.

Thus we can see that the upcoming Lion’s Gate on August 8th is a whirlwind of intense power and you need to engage in it with positivity. The energy from the Solar Plexus can be triggering issues related to authority and make you question your purpose in this life.

This overactive energy can turn you bossy and aggressive so be careful. Any unrestrained power, including solar, can become volatile if you do not remember to act from the heart. You need to balance the powers of the Sun with the generosity of the heart and love of Leo.

Do not be afraid of the power surging through you this August and listen to your heart. The Higher Powers will guide you.


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