Stunning Pics Of Rainbow Clouds Captured In Rare Sighting Over Siberia

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amazing cloudsCredit: Svetlana Kazina

The art that Mother Nature does is incredible. No one can resist its spectacle, especially the one made on a mountain in Siberia.

Svetlana Kazina, a local photographer, was the one who seized a phenomenon on her camera. She said that on her photos, the clouds are so thin and they look like lace.

Svetlana lives in the Altai Mountains, and she was lucky enough to take photos of the rare natural event.  The images are fascinating and breathtaking. She did the pictures of the glowing sky over the mountain called Belukha, which is the highest peak of Siberia (4,506 meters/ 14,783 ft.)

Image Credit: Svetlana Kazina

The Altai Mountains are in southern Siberia, and they include one of Russia’s most stunning scenery. All the people who want to run away from the modern world, this is the perfect place.

The history of creating the Altai is that they were created with the tremendous orogenic, the building of mountain, upthrusts that happened between 500 and 300 million years before. Furthermore, they were worn down, over geologic time into a gently undulating plateau with generally accordant summit heights. The range of this mountain is majestic, and the view that the Siberia’s Switzerland offers, cannot be seen anywhere in the world.

Image Credit: Svetlana Kazina

The clouds are something like jellyfish that are floating in the sky full of diamonds. We can only imagine what a feeling that would be to see something so amazing in life. Svetlana loves to watch natural phenomena in nature. As she says:

I photograph a lot when I’m in the mountains. Therefore, I even created separate albums for the clouds, sun, and moon on my social media accounts. Most notably, on Facebook and VKontakte.

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What do you think of these amazing photos? We bet everyone in the world would want to see it live.

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