NASA Shares A Stellar Snap Of A Fantastic ‘Blue’ Meteor Taken From An Airplane Window

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Incredible pictures were released by NASA, circling around the internet. In the images, we can see a fiery meteor that is striking in the sky. The most incredible thing here is that the photo was taken from an airplane window. Besides the meteor, we can also see the Milky Way and Planet Jupiter.

The owner of the photographs is Eric Wagner, and the image was captured on September 24, 2019. The flight was from Singapore to Australia, and that was his opportunity to see and capture a more significant part of the southern hemisphere’s sky during the night. During his flight, Eric used a sensitive digital camera on a tripod mount, with 10-second long exposures, and took that fantastic picture.
But, the image of the meteor was not the only thing that he captured in a picture, but also, he caught a light ‘fireball meteor’. The fireball meteor is in blue-green, and it is reflected along the wing of the A380 aircraft.

meteor from plane window
A bright meteor soaring across the sky. In the background is the Milky Way, while Jupiter can be seen as a bright spot near the wing’s green beacon

Furthermore, there was an internal reflection, which made it look like two meteors were soaring in a parallel line. As we already said, Eric captured the Milky Way, which allowed him to take a picture of the central bulge of the galaxy. Right next to the green beacon on the wing of the airplane, we can see a very bright light. Precisely that light is Jupiter, glowing with reflected light. Thanks to the long exposure, Jupiter was in the picture.

Whenever I book my next flight, I’ll have one request only: a seat facing the Milky Way.


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