Spring Equinox Kicks Off With Supermoon — Welcome The New Astrological Year!

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Spring Equinox

On the 20th of March, 2019, our Sun is going to enter in the sign of Aries so that we will have the so-called Northern Equinox.

The entrance of the Sun in the sign of Aries also represents the start of the new astrological year. Our Sun will begin an entirely new journey all over the Zodiac. Regardless of our place of living in the world, we are going to experience equal hours of day and night.

The literal meaning of the word equinox is an equal night. During the Spring Equinox, the hours of light and darkness will be the same.

One of the reasons why equinoxes are said to be really powerful is as they are definitely the only periods of every year during which there are equal hours of day and night.

Regardless of our living place, we are going to experience the same amount of darkness and light. Also, the Moon and the Sun will share the sky being equal. It is also the time when the sacred feminine or the Moon, and sacred masculine or the Sun, are perfectly balanced so that life may emerge. This is a perfect time which permits the creation of new lives.

Why is Spring Equinox the start of the new astrological year?

In one year, there are two equinoxes and two solstices. The two equinoxes occur at the time the Sun is at zero degrees in Aries, and also at zero degrees at Libra. The two solstices occur at the time the Sun is at zero degrees in Cancer, and also at zero degrees in Capricorn.

These four degrees, in fact, mark the so-called “cardinal cross” and they even represent the four points in the sky where the Sun is changing the direction. All the four points are really important, but zero degrees in Aries is one of the most important and relevant, from the “new beginning” point of view, as, at that time, the Sun is rising North of the equator. Regardless of where we live in the world, the 20th and 21st of March, the Sun is going to rise North of the equator, and by the 21st of June, it is going to start descending South.

As the Spring or Northern Equinox occurs at the time the Sun begins its ascension, it is said to be the start of an entirely new Sun or yearly cycle.

So, in a lot of traditions, the period around this equinox marks new beginnings. Based on this Equinox, we calculate Easter. This holiday happens on the primary Sunday (‘Sun’ – day) right after the primary Full Moon happening after the Spring Equinox.

What can we expect from this upcoming Spring Equinox?

In this year, the Spring Equinox will happen on the 20th of March. That is why the 20th of March is going to set the tone for the new astrological year. When we take a look at everything that happens in the sky on this day, we are going to know what we can expect from the months that come.

In 2019, the equinox is also conjunct Chiron. The conjunction between these two stands out as it is quite tight. Chiron is believed to symbolize holistic healing. So, this definitely means that this year is going to be one of the so-called holistic healing.

This term shows that there are inherent fragmentations which keep us unbroken. In the tradition of shamans, illness happens when the spirit of a person is fragmented. Shamans are healers that have specific spiritual powers and have the ability to travel between worlds. The shamanic tradition suggests three worlds, which are the lower world, middle world, and upper world.

Shamans have the ability to make spirits whole again. From an astrological perspective, the Sun symbolizes the spirit. As the spirit gets broken in pieces, we cannot function in the proper way. This is also the time when illness, which can be emotional, spiritual, physical or psychological, happens.

Then shamans go on their particular journey, in order to find those broken pieces. When he or she finds them and brings all of them together, healing happens.

Chiron is also said to be the symbol for shamans. Chiron is orbiting between the planet Saturn, which is the lower world, and the planet Uranus, which is the beginning of the upper world.

This Spring Equinox, in conjunction with Chiron, definitely means that on a collective or individual level, 2019 is going to have the chance to restore wholeness.

However, this journey is not going to be easy at all. We are going to have to face everything from the lower world. We are going to have to be open to mysteries coming from the upper world or embrace what is unknown. This journey will definitely not be easy; however, it is going to be entirely worth it.

Regardless of where we should apply healing in our lives, in the year that comes, we will have the opportunity to restore our balance and also to become whole once again.

In this year, we may become shamans, or meet one. Chiron even symbolizes mentors, so we can expect to meet the mentor who is going to lead our lives in the appropriate direction.


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