Tonight’s New Moon & Solar Eclipse Is All About Power — Prepare For Magic!

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Solar Eclipses are always a period for changes. You should think of them like a powerful New Moon which can bring fresh opportunities, as well as wake up areas of your life which have felt stagnant or old.

The 2nd of July will ring a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. 

The Solar Eclipse of July 2019 is going to be the opening of this new cycle, and it is going to light the way for the years to come. Being the first of the Cancer Eclipses, the energy that we are going to experience now will only grow and develop so that we can reach some new heights, as well as learn new things.

During the time of Eclipses, the cosmos will shake things up in our life so that we can see something new or very different from before. The Universe will shake us so that we can start setting new intentions or plans which we would not have normally considered or thought about before.

This Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer has strong rebirth energy, and it is asking us to dig deep within our soul, in order to uncover what parts of our lives have to be awakened or reinvented.

Maybe we were walking the path which was laid for us many years ago, and maybe this path is outdated or is not working anymore.

We are also no longer the same. After all of those cosmic upgrades, as well as energy in recent years, we have all undergone tremendous cycles of death and rebirth.

Now, with the Eclipses in this month, we are asked to honor the changes which have taken place within us, we were asked to honor who we are today, as well as to adjust our lives accordingly. We were asked to really sink deeper into ourselves, as well as work out what we really wish and what we truly want for our lives.

We also have to connect with ourselves on a deeper level; we have to ask ourselves who we are to know what we find important in our lives. Who are you on the deepest of levels? What is your truth?

When you peer within, you are going to find all the answers.

When you peer within, you are going to see that there is just one truth and that is your truth!

This Solar Eclipse in the sign of cancer may rattle us in ways which feel uncomfortable, as we are going to be guided to go within and to sit with the darker, as well as deeper parts of our soul.

Although this can be challenging, you should think of this Solar Eclipse as a cosmic shortcut to higher levels of consciousness. To harness this energy, all you have to do is to remain open, as well as permit the Universe to guide you forward. Trying to fight the flow, as well as trying too hard to control things will not be in your favor.

You have to permit the Solar Eclipse energy to take the lead, as well as reveal to you the answers.

As there are many planets retrograde at the time of this Solar Eclipse, you may not have the ability to understand or interpret this energy straight away. In fact, it may take some time before you can tap in, as well as use this energy to your full advantage.

Being patient will not be an essential part of this Eclipse energy, and we are going to have to permit things time to unravel or unfold.

The Solar Eclipse of July also carries a lot of emotional energy, which actually means that it is important to protect and to very mindful of our energetic bodies. It will also carry a strong nurturing energy, in that way making self-love and self-care a top priority.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about what intention to set or what direction you have to head in around this Solar Eclipse. You should simply sit back and permit yourself to be guided. Also, permit yourself to surrender to the flow of the Universe.

All you need to do is put your hands up and say – I am prepared, I am open, I want to be guided, I want to be lead to my highest destiny.

With opening yourself to the cosmos, with practicing lots of acceptance, self-love, as well as self-care, this Solar Eclipse is going to unlock all the doors it has to, and in time, you will have the ability to walk through them all one by one.

Tides are changing and shifting, a new cycle is blossoming, and you are blossoming together with it. Enjoy this time!


Image Credit: Shutterstock (licensed by IBMN)/By Romolo Tavani

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