SkyBridge, longest pedestrian bridge in US, opens today!

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bridgeNorth America's longest pedestrian suspension bridge is only steps away from opening in Gatlinburg. (Courtesy: Gatlinburg SkyLift)

If you love traveling, here is something that can attract your attention: Now, you can take a walk across the largest pedestrian suspension bridge, which can be found in the U.S.

This bridge, which is called the SkyBridge, is in Gatlinburg, the state of Tennessee, and it is almost 700 feet long, stretching across one valley somewhere in the so-called Great Smoky Mountains. This bridge will be open for visitors on the 17th of May.

For those of you that fear of heights, you would probably want to steer clear. In fact, there are glass-floor panels somewhere in the middle of the Gatlinburg SkyBridge which will permit you to see the ground for about 140 or more feet below.

This bridge is one part of the SkyLift Park, a park which is featuring a chairlift which takes the visitors up 500 vertical feet right from the Gatlinburg city to the Crockett Mountain’s top. After opening the bridge, the visitors are going to have the ability to step off the lift at the top, in order to walk across this large bridge and also enjoy the beautiful views. The whole chairlift costs $12 for kids and $15 for adults.

One post from the Facebook page of SkyLift says the following:

The SkyBridge is a spectacular but easily attainable experience you’ll remember for a lifetime — especially as you cross the glass-floor panels in the middle of the span.

The time for crossing this bridge is not limited, according to statements from the website of the park. Visitors are going to have the ability to take worthy photos for Instagram, and also enjoy the downtown Gatlinburg’s view, together with the surrounding of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Another post on the Facebook page of SkyLift Park reads:

Guests will be able to walk across at their own pace, taking in the views and enjoying the spectacular setting before walking back when they’re ready.

The developer of SkyBridge claimed that it is definitely the largest pedestrian suspension bridge that can be found in North America. However, that is still up for discussions, and it depends on if just the bridge’s suspended part is measured or the entire distance between the anchors of the bridge. One pedestrian suspension bridge, which is found in Canada, at the Kelowna Mountain, claims that it is over 800 feet long.

For every person that loves adventures and wild experiences, this will be an excellent opportunity.


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